Justice, mercy and humility : What India needs today

This is a timely message for the Indian community, through Micah 6:8 as the farmers protest continue. Prophet Micah spoke to a community of God's "chosen" people, who continued to practice corruption, injustice and shifted their loyalties to idolatrous practices. "What pleases the Lord?" the narrator asks. He himself suggests excessive spiritual rituals. But the answer comes, "He has shown you, O mortal, what he expects of you..." And there comes the verse seen in this picture.

A democracy that continues to justify hastily implemented laws bypassing democratic procedure is a corrupt democracy. When the farmers say that the laws were not discussed, that it is not good for them and hence for the country, the powers that be taking a stubborn stance saying "We know what's good for you," "You are simply misled," etc. undermines and insults the agency of not just farmers but democratic subjects at large.

Quick resolutions are what we want. But this isn't an app that you can quickly scroll and let content vanish. It's real life, isn't it? Justice, kindness/mercy ('Hesed') and humility - these are the need of the hour in India today.

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